What is Kakigōri?


Kakigōri is a traditional Japanese summer dessert with origins dating back to the 11th century Heian Period. Kakigōri is made by carving a block of pure ice using a special machine, and adding toppings to create flavors like mango or melon. 


What makes kakigōri so unlike other shaved snow desserts is the combination of the uniquely specific texture of ice with flavors that are made from seasonal fruit and handmade toppings. Each spoonful melts instantly in your mouth, packs a punch of fresh flavor, and leaves you feeling refreshed.

At Bonsai Kakigōri we place enormous importance on the quality of our flavors and toppings. We believe that food tastes best when ingredients are fresh and in peak season. That’s why each flavor that we create starts with a trip to the farmers market where we pick the best of what’s in season. We add as little as possible to highlight the natural flavor and hand make all our toppings from scratch, never using anything artificial. Using a hand-cranked vintage machine is crucial to create the fluffy melt-in-your-mouth texture that is so unique to kakigōri.  



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