Our Story 


Hello! We're Gaston and Theo. During a trip to Japan, we fell in love with kakigōri. At the best cafes, the dessert was made from fresh high quality ingredients and with immense care. It was complex yet simple, flavorful yet light.

After returning to New York, we tried to find Kakigōri but realized that no one made it. We tried other types of shaved ice and snow but nothing came close to the texture and ingredients that made kakigōri so special.

Frustrated and determined to have some, we set out to make our own.

We ordered an original hand-cranked kakigōri machine from Japan, nicknamed it ”humi” after our favorite kakigōri shop in Tokyo, and began testing flavors. We started making some for friends and realized that the best part of making kakigōri was sharing it with others. So, Bonsai Kakigōri was born.

We decided to name our company after the Bonsai tree. Even though Bonsai trees are Japanese in origin, it's up to the person to influence how it's grown and take shape. That's what we've set out to do with kakigōri. We seek to honor the Japanese roots of the dessert but make our own kind, influenced by our identity as New Yorkers.

Our mission is simple: Make the highest quality kakigōri possible and share it with as many people as we can.



Core Values


Choose Seasonal

Seasonal Ingredients are always the freshest and taste the best. That’s why our flavors change with the seasons. 

Always Natural, Never Processed

We believe in creating something delicious you can feel good about eating. That’s why we chose premium ingredients and make everything from scratch.

Celebrate Diversity

Honor tradition but embrace the present. Our kakigōri has its roots in Japan but is influenced by the vibrancy and diversity of New York City. 

Build and Create Sustainably

With every decision we make, we take our connection to nature into account.


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