Bonsai Kakigōri believes in the power of shared experiences and the ability to bring people together through food. 



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Bring a unique, delicious, and interactive dessert experience to your next party or event. Kakigōri is perfect if you are seeking something new and unforgettable.


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We are always seeking to partner with new brands that align with our mission and core values. If you think we'd get along, shoot us a message! 


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words from our friends

"If you want a new, interactive, and completely delicious dessert, then I recommend you check out Bonsai Kakigōri. Everyone at our event loved the the dessert and interactive experience!"

- Salsa Consultants

“Had the best time with Bonsai Kakigori! Such a delicious, shareable, refreshing, and variable desert done to perfection to enjoy with a group.”

- Amadou Crookes, Cymbal 


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